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TerhiTec Oy is launching two new models in the most popular, registered power class at Helsinki Floating show, open 16−19 August 2012 at the HSK yacht club marina in Lauttasaari.

TerhiTec Oy’s new Silver Fox485 2013 range sets new standards for the most popular boating class of under 5 metres. The range offers more drivability, usability, looks, and room for you and your family. These fast, nimble and practical boats, designed for general and holiday use by the whole family, come in two top-quality models: Fox DC 485 and Fox BR 485.

With the new Fox models, Silver continues the strong development of the third-generation range, pioneered by the test champion Shark BR 580 and carried on by Hawk BR 540 and the extremely popular Wolf 510 models.

Silver Fox 2013 002


Silver Fox 2013 001

More drivability
Established as agile and praiseworthy,Silver Fox’sdrivability has now been improved by the best ergonomics in its class. Comfort has been emphasised by raising the stern backrest significantly, and by providing good legroom for the passengers and driver with the new console structure.

For the ergonomics of the driver’s seat, special attention has been paid to the correct placement of the controls. Both of the new Silver Fox485models are excellent to drive sitting and, if necessary, standing up.The usability and visibility of the gauge panel also serve practical boating.A 7 inch plotter may be either flush mounted in the boat or installed on the surface.

The protective cockpit ensures safe and comfortable travel, especially when the boat is complemented with a sectioning door, especially functional for the boat’s class.

The Silver Fox 485models are designed for engine sizes of 40−60 hp.Select your engine size, and turn your boat into a sporty family vessel that can reach speeds of up to 35 knots, or a safe, affordable fishing boat.

More usability
Boats in this class can seldom be easily equipped with two fuel tanks, but the Silver Fox485 now offers this opportunity. This makes it easy to ensure that enough fuel is available throughout the summer, as well as on long fishing trips in the autumn.

The sturdy railings come as standard equipment and offer well-designed room for fishing and moving about safely in the boat. The design of the railings and the aft has created an easily accessible storage location for the hood behind the backrest cushions.

The new swimming ladder is both safe in line with regulations and provides comfort and pleasure to friends of swimming and water sports.

BothSilver Fox 485models can be transported on a 750-kg trailer with no brakes.

More looks
The first feature to catch your eye is sure to be the boat’s new, even more care-free and visible, carbon-fibre look on the sides. The sporty, angled windscreens and in-plane windscreen arches complement the new model.

Together with the sturdy, appealing stainless steel railings, they make the boat look modern and timeless at the same time.

More room
The newSilver Fox DC 485 model has a long storage space/seat on the starboard side. Here, you can easily place your rods and other objects that are usually difficult to carry on a boat.

TheSilver Fox BR 485 model has available storage space in front of the consoles.

Silver’s experience in boat design shows in how every centimetre of the seats and storage facilities is optimised. Very few boats under five metres can offer real, spacious seats for all passengers.

An easy-to-maintain and finished AluFibreTMstructure
Practical interior and the carefully finished AluFibre structure, unique to Silver, make it easy to keep the boat clean. Aluminium on the hull and fibreglass in the interior leave no room for dirt to settle. There are railings and handles for every passenger close to hand. Entering and exiting the boat are made easier by the clear passageways and step platforms, and the well-designed, sturdy railings. There is plenty of covered storage space and room for installing, for example, a radio/CD player in the console.

Silver Fox DC 485 2013

Silver Fox 2013 008

The double-console DC model is steered from the boat-wide stern seat. This leaves a great big and practical space in front of the windscreen, making the transportation of large goods possible. Loading and unloading of goods is also easy. The cockpit has everything necessary easily close to hand, and passengers are well shielded from wind at high speeds behind the windscreens. The model is available with a fixed duplex door.  

Silver Fox BR 485 2013

Silver Fox 2013 009

The double-console cockpit of the BR model is located further forward than in the DC model. The consoles have space for two people on separate padded seats that have a boat-wide padded seat behind them. The big windscreen with door (note: door available as an optional extra) crosses the entire boat, bending elegantly along the sides of the boat and providing efficient cover from foam-crested waves for all passengers at the rear. There is plenty of legroom for passengers in the front as well as at the back. The cabin is more spacious than in other aluminium boats of this size class.

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