The family business Otto Brandt.

The year was 1905 when Otto Johan Albin Brandt founded a small shop for sports goods in Helsinki and named it Aktiebolaget Otto Brandt Osakeyhtiö. After more than a hundred years, four generations of family ownership this small shop has grown to be a large company group, that has stayed as a family business and still has the same name, Otto Brandt. The group has grown and become international in an independent Finland. Like Finland the company has gone through wars, fought through oil crisis and economical recessions and also seen all twelve president lead the country. 

Otto Brandt is today one of the leading companies in its fields, and imports products like motorcykles, ATV's, snowmobiles, outboard engines, marine diesel engines, small engines and moped cars. The group also has a boat manufacturing company, a boat retail and a large chain of motorcycle retail shops. Otto Brandt represents 15 product brands, brands like Honda, Segway, Ligier, Niu, Silver, Terhi and TG Boats

Otto Brandt -historia